How does it work?

The measurer - Light Star or Cube Sensor - transfers the measured values of vertical and horizontal illumination through a wireless connection to a smartphone. The whole process is completely controlled from the application - you only need to put the rack with the measurer at the desired point and click the "Measure" button.


The smartphone application is available for the Android platform and allows you to create and store many records at the same time. Each measurement is written to the cell corresponding to the coordinates of the measurement point.

You can set arbitrary sizes individually for each measurement session, as well as use pre-prepared templates.

To visualize the measurement result and report, you can specify up to 8 observers (cameras), similar to light calculation programs. In the process of measuring the obscurity of the playing field, you can immediately view the measurement results. Online viewing of measurements is available in the main four directions, plus horizontal illumination, as well as in the direction of installed virtual cameras.

In addition, you can specify non-working areas, for example roundings on the hockey field, which will not be taken into account in the calculations of average illumination and unevenness.

Settings allow you to set operating modes and the number of repeated measurements at each point.

You can set any fictitious colors and arbitrary thresholds, separately for horizontal and vertical illumination.

The program is available in Russian and English.

Complete export of data for all sensors and observers to MS EXCEL.