How it works

The raspberry takes a picture — North oriented — each hour (I can remotely launch command using voice and get raspberry statement on smartphone using RaspController) and then filters the pic (labels: Magenta, Graphic design, Art). The difference between the two determines the light exposition, decreasing or increasing. The sensor switches blue or red

Pressure Temperature Humidity
1032.15 mbar 19.5 °C 34.61 %

It communicates through Openweathermap to display on the micro:bit the current forecast (Clear)

The distant micro:bit counter is set to -1 when it switches to red (the speaker plays a sound) and +2 when it swithes to blue (+2)

To control what the embed software measures, I use the micro:bit electronic light sensor (+2). The difference between the two micro:bit counters is the confidence index (0)

To get the most accurate confidence index, I first planed to use the Pan-Tilt Hat move with the 160° night vision camera to capture light source from both north and north-east. But I didn’t succeed to change the angle (the module is perhaps broken). So I put it in a fixed position, and I will move the plant manually to have a shadow on the picture until I get the better result (+1) at 8:00 am (UTC+1)